Building Up a Career in Medicine

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Description: For building up a career in medicine, one could look to an institution like the University of Arizona College of Medicine had several phases of expansion and renovation that was completed in 1994. Today it stands as one of the leading medical colleges in the country.  

For building up a career in Medicine, one would look forward to joining a reputed university or school. Authorized to establish in 1962, the University Of Arizona College Of Medicine started its classes in 1967. Completed in 1971, the University Medical Center was expanded in 1994. Library and learning Resource Center for the Arizona Health Sciences Library was completed in 1992. Building up a career with the support of such effective learning grounds could be extremely helpful. 

Components of Medical Service career 

Career aspirants need to be conversant with the mainstreams of medical science with specialization in one or two fields.  

Patient contacts as well as the behavioral sciences have to be emphasized.  

Courses on basic science, behavioral science and clinical sciences would help build up the career in the field. 

Knowledge in the field of clinical science with adequate knowledge in each principal department of clinical science is essential. 

Biology, culture, psycho-social, economic, and sociologic concepts needs to be appreciated adequately. 

Highest emphasis is placed on problem solving capabilities. 

Excellence in performance and awareness and creation of learning environment with independent studies and small group instructions can facilitate the career building process.  

Priority areas 

Emphasizing the performance based programs using unique methods of clinical instructions in some qualitative institute helps students fine tune their skills in history taking and abilities of physical examination. With immediate feedbacks on the performances from patient instructors it becomes easier improving the skills. Multiple set ups including the University Medical Center and outpatient settings are provided by these school for its students. Topping the list is the combined MD-PhD program and other combo programs that are growing in popularity. 


Pre requisites for pursuing a career in medicine are knowledge in basic premedical science course and good grasp of English. 

WICHE funded and certified students are considered more eligible for admission in quality institutes. 

Ability, maturity, integrity, skills, motivation, and medicinal exposures are the factors determining the impetus for career building. 

Matriculation qualifications in WHO listed foreign medical schools or 2-4 years studies in US LCME accredited medical schools could be really helpful in pursuance of further studies for career building.