Yale University School of Medicine

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Yale School of Medicine is a private medical college situated in New Haven, Connecticut, U.S. Although the Yale school of medicine was founded in 1810, it started functioning in 1813. Yale encompasses of wide array of centers and programs, libraries, museums and administrative support offices. Yale University mainly conducts three major courses for the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and for the professional schools.

Academic Programs at the Yale University

Yale University runs more than 2000 academic programs for undergraduate students. Thus, the undergraduate program is known as the heart of the university. To start your studies at Yale University, you need to make a direct application to the college or the school regarding the program in which you want to get enrolled. Yale offers College of arts and science for graduation courses. Regarding professional school courses, the University offers divine courses like school of architecture, art, management, medicine, music, nursing, public health and many more. Other extra programs running inside the campus of the college are non-degree programs, summer sessions and world fellowship programs.

Health and Medicine at Yale

Yale is the home to a world-class medical centre which holds more than a dozen institutions, including the School of Medicine which is school for learning and for educating leaders, caring for patients and for investigating things related to health or diseases. The School of Medicine is in existence for more than 200 years now. The health and medicine centre also organizes school of nursing which trains the students with extraordinary skills in nursing practice, research and in education. There are more than 27 departments in health and medicine centre. This centre also has one of the nation's oldest schools related to Public Health and a Child Study centre that was founded in 1911. This Child Study centre has achieved recognition from all over the world.

Benefits Provided By Yale for the Students and Staff

Yale University is beneficial in numerous ways, whether it is for students or for the staff. The university is not only enriched in imparting education but also by rendering services in different field. Yale is comprehensive in providing health commitments to their staffs and students. Along with the health care, it provides financial aid to the students by different methods - like: pension plans for the employees, day care, tuition assistance, insurance policies. Along with all the monetary facilities, the University offers fun inducing environment that encourages enjoyment through means like museums, art performance, libraries, sports events and the likes. Thus, there are never ending benefits enjoyed by all the students and staffs associated with the University.