Cornell University is an Outstanding School

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Are you interested in the prestigious Cornell University? Here is some information that may be helpful to you in making the decision. A friend of mine went to school there and loved it.

Belonging to the famous Ivy League Universities, Cornell University is a pioneer in different fields of studies. The university precedes all other American universities especially in journalism, American Studies, veterinary medicine, electrical engineering, and industrial engineering.

Adding to the university's numerous assets is the faculty consisting of Nobel laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners, and National Academy of Sciences recipients of awards for Initiatives in Research, Presidential Career awardees, and more.


With the university's outstanding qualities, it comes as no surprise that entrance to the university is highly competitive. The university, however, operating under the ideals of equality, maintains a need-blind system wherein students are assessed based more on their capabilities and passion for learning than their financial backgrounds.

Undergraduate admission requirements may be found at their school .edu website. Admission detail for graduate studies can be viewed there also.

It is not an easy school to get into, as you can imagine. Competition is tough, but the rewards are great if you can get in.

Degree Programs

Passion for learning combined with intellect and potential are the assets that the University of Cornell faculty looks for in their students. Newly enrolled students may pursue academic degrees in the following fields:

1. Agriculture and Life Sciences

2. Architecture, Art, and Planning

3. Arts and sciences

4. Engineering

5. Hotel Administration

6. Human ecology

7. Industrial and Labor Relations

On the other hand, graduate students may pursue a master's or doctoral degree in the following fields:

1. Management

2. Law

3. Veterinary Medicine

4. Medicine

Sports Programs

Cornell University believes in the development of the mind as well as the body. Students are encouraged to make use of the numerous facilities for physical development found on campus. To know more about Cornell Sports, simply visit their school website online. They have all kinds of further information there to help you learn all you might want to know about their wonderful school.