Georgetown University School of Medicine - Teaching Knowledge, Ethics and Skills

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Georgetown University School of Medicine is a prestigious medical school located on the reservoir Road in Georgetown. The school was opened in 1851 and since then, it has gained excellence in teaching knowledge, skills and ethics to the physicians and biomedical students enrolling with the institute. Sharing university campus with four other graduate schools, the institute is the part of Georgetown University Medical Center. Here are some quick facts about the school to guide you in a better way.

Courses Offered

Georgetown University School of Medicine offers 4-year curriculum in a number of courses under categories like anesthesia, emergency medicine, family medicine, neurology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, psychiatry, surgery, urology and so on. The first two years of the course are meant to impart basic knowledge, while the third year is dedicated to provide clinical practice to the students. The fourth year helps the students to learn patient management. PhD and combined MD-PhD programs are also offered by the institute.

Reputation Georgetown University School of Medicine is the oldest catholic medical school in the United States. The school has received accreditation from Liaison Committee on Medical Education. Apart from various basic science and clinical departments, the school also accommodates a Cancer Center. Two Interdisciplinary Training Program Grants in Neuroscience and Tumor Biology have been funded by the National Institute of Health.

Student Life

A number of student councils and committees have been formed to entertain the needs and queries of the individuals enrolling with the institute. Social Justice Committee, Caring for Children with Cancer and Student Medical Education Committee are some of the organizations for and by the students. Student health facilities and career development assistance is also offered by the institute.

Costs and Admission

The students interested in getting admission at Georgetown University School of Medicine needs to fulfill the basic requirement of courses in premedical sciences, English and mathematics. Those having strong background in humanities are highly preferred for the admission. It should be noted that one has to be highly competitive to get admission in the institute. The tuition fee per year is $41,356 that may vary and thus, can be confirmed form the official website of the institute. Financial aid is offered by the school.